Sunday, June 28, 2015

Xiaomi Mi Pad: am loving it

Apple got it right long back. Now Xiaomi got it right. I can't help but love using Xiaomi Mi Pad. One reason is its display. Unlike most other Android tabs, its 7.9 inch screen has 4:3 aspect ratio; just like an iPad mini. Common tabs (even the costlier ones), with 16:10 or 16:9 aspect ratio, are good for watching movies and playing games in landscape mode. But the screen dimension of Mi pad is better for reading ebooks, pdf, taking notes, editing and reading MS Office documents. The retina display provides crisp fonts and sharp images. With 360 gm weight, Mi pad is easy to carry and hold in one hand, for long. With light weight, sturdy built and excellent display, it feels like carrying and working with a notebook. Just hold it in portrait mode, in one hand and use it.

Another key feature of Mi Pad is its long battery life. I am using it almost for one month now. I carry it all day and use it for web surfing, reading, taking notes and for minor editing of documents. Throughout the day it remains connected with my cloud storage through Wifi. On an average I get 16 hr of battery till it reaches ~20%.

Nowadays am using my desktop only for extensive typing, editing and drawing. Rest, my Mi pad can do.

A. Lots have been written about the smooth interface of MIUI and  almost lag free multitasking in Mi pad. I concur those.

B. Xiaomi has not launched official accessories for Mi Pad in India. Am using MOFI flip cover for Mi Pad. It's nice.