Friday, July 28, 2006

Blogs clogged:

It is strange. Crazy. Idiotic. I can access my blogger account. Can type a new blog. Edit it. But I can not view it. Not only mine, I can not view any of the blogs with blogspot. After the last Mumbai blast, blogs were blocked. And then I read in news papers that the prohibition has been lifted. But it seems, at least in this part of the country, the ban is still enforced by our service providers. What can be said? Am again posting this new blog with out even knowing how does it look like in my blog page.

One of my friends, wrote a beautiful blog on this blog-ban: bishublogger

Happy reading….if you can access. I you can not; then use this link: Here

Monday, July 24, 2006

As I walk down the corridor

I meet him every day. As I walk down the corridor our academic block. A sweet, healthy toddler trying to play around. His body covered with cement and sand. Unattended. He keeps talking to himself in some mystical language; trying to discover the world around him, like Columbus. His toys are bricks, stones, wires; all littered around as heavy construction goes on. He keeps playing. His mother keeps working; carrying a brick load over her head; keeping balance on the makeshift ladder. And in the afternoon, after leeching the last drop of milk, of his mother, he sleeps. Like a tired angel. Bare on the floor. With a small napkin under his head. This cycle goes on every day. As I walk down the corridor. And as his mother tells him to grow up fast. Grow up strong. As I walk down the corridor. He will grow up. Grow up strong. And one day he will run away; for a fag, for a job, for a girl. As I walk down the corridor, her mother tells him to grow up.