Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Loo story

Yes! I can spend there playing with my Galaxy S II. It's a well lit spacious room with dark walls and of minimalist design. And it remains completely dry. It's the wash room of Mainland China. Here, at Guwahati. I do not miss to check the wash rooms of restaurants. It is definitely an index to rank a good one. It is not a luxury. It is an essential component. Who want to spoil the mood for good dining by visiting a stinky loo? And it also gives you a feeling of the test and priorities of the owner.  So let me list a few examples from Guwahati. The White Pepper has a large spacious dining space, with enough space for my kid to run around. But their toilet is small, bit stinky, and messy. On the other hand, Chungfa has a decent civilized toilet, even though their yummy Chinese dishes are pocket friendly. Do not try the toilet in Confucius. You will hate it. And in the toilet of Cream Center, you may mix up between the wash basin and the urinal, as those are kept side-by-side and almost at the same height. Oregano has a decent toilet and you can safely expect it clean as the crowd is very thin. Enough for now. It is a loo break. :)