Friday, April 01, 2005

I could not stop the temptation to blog this one.
Long back I posted this one in my India Times Blog:
“The eternal questions!!!
The eternal questions that humanity still faces are: Who we are? where we from? and what we are supposed to do?
My journey in the field of science is nothing but a reflection of my personal life. For long time am trying to jot it down in a single home page. Its almost ready. Please visit My Home Page”

And some one responded to it in this way: “what do you think what really we are? an unique combination of some 30000 genes?are our intentions and willpower all encoded by our genes? i am interested to know how your journey in the field of science is a reflection of your personal life?”

So here is my answer to this query:

This is what my answer is. Not in details as I have to finish some of other works before my boss reaches here.

We all know that any living system is a open system with continuous flux of matter, energy and information from the surroundings. It will be foolish to think that all functions of a cell are just fixed by genetic encryption. Its not and its yes too. Any phenotype is the resultant of genotype and effect of environment. There is no confusion about it. So a single cell is the out come of inherited genetic (and epigenetic information) and environmental interactions. And an organism is combination of the outcomes of those individual cells. And be sure that combination is just not linear summation. It is not. It cannot be. Lets move one step ahead. The society is the end product of interaction between individuals. (Those individuals do follow the rule just stated above). So what do we get? Our society is the end product of interaction genotypes and environment. These things can be explained with lots of common example. Better I stop it here today.

There is another way of looking to the question raised. The way one think is definitely reflected in his/her actions. Again our thinking process, our believe systems are dependent on our interaction with society. Your actions thoughts cannot be separated from your social learning process. That’s why science is not above a scientist. There is a common saying that when you start reading a history book, first read the biography of the writer. That’s why it is always better to read science book from the very beginning, starting with acknowledgements and introductions. I hope I can convey my opinion. Take an example. How many Ph.D students in Biological sciences in India, pursuing research just to enjoy the challenge of learning? Or its just a way out for a greener future (in US / or just a mirage). If you don’t know the answer, ask some one from this field. I don’t have the statistics, but would love to do an survey.

haaaahhhh!!!!!! I should take a break now. I think I have lots to write on it. Bye

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