Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Publication or pain! (continued….)

They want 600 USD. Publication fee (page charges) for one of my papers. Hey! that’s equivalent to 3 month's salary of mine. Every one knows that we are always at fund crunch. But ...But. What else can we do except paying the money? If we don’t pay it, the whole process will get delayed. Publication of another paper depends upon it. So...I don’t know...I can’t help ....but keep my fingers crossed.

There is lot of discussions on new models of science publication. There is a fierce debate on public access to science. But where will the money come from? One can say that every article should free to access. Then the authors have to pay the publication fees. Are we in position to pay that? Definitely not. Not for all our articles. Our funding agencies do not provide us that much of money. BMC waive the publication fees fro authors from third world countries. However other journals don’t. We are always at disadvantage.

Any way, the good news, in all this mess, is that the computational paper have got a good review. Hope this one will get published soon.