Monday, January 17, 2005

Biomed central and Public library of science are trying to build a style of scientific publishing which can make us free of large publication houses and provide free immidiate access to research results. Lots of information is avialable in these two sites about public access to scientific information. Very recently a interview is publeshed, which gives some detail accounts of the personal history of biomed central: Interview with Vitek Tracz: Essential for Science
Srini sent me this link. Thank you srini. Its worth reading.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

They say its the easiest way to publish on net. They say viewers of blogs is increasing . But till today I am not feeling comfortable with blogging. I still find maintaining my web site much easier. Write a few lines of HTML and publish it. This blog is just like a web site. But its hard for me to remember it web address. Its not geting listed any where. Even google search can not find it out. Then what are the advantages of a blog. I really dont understand. May be some day i will understand the real utility of blogs.
Forget about blogs. Lets discuss about experiments. I am trying to digest my recombinant antibody by pepsin. Its a mouse human chimeric antibody and binds to Hepatitis B surface antigen. I want to digest it with both papain and pepsin to confirm that, its structure is similar to a normal antibody. Apart from this molecule I have generated a scFv-Fc fusion molecule too. I will digest with pepsin to confirm that the disulphide bond is actually at the hinge region. Wish me good luck.
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