Saturday, May 07, 2005


Ultimately THE PAPER has got accepted in Immunology. I worked on it for last 2 years. It was rigorous experience. Doing calculations, reading a lot of diverse papers, writing codes, writing the article and repeated polishing of the draft. Then getting painful rejections. Opps!!

It all started in a very funny way. I applied for a poster presentation in a conference on mathematical biology in IIT Kanpur. They changed my category into an oral presentation. I was just dumb. What Am I going to talk? That was my first question. And then I started this work.
Then I hit another roadblock. After giving a preliminary shape to the work, I was wondering. I am challenging a silly mistake that has been repeated by scientists for almost in 200 papers. How could they do that? I must be missing something very important!!!

After checking and rechecking, we are at the simplest conclusion: scientists, just like any other human being, love to follow cults. Chang and Casali formulated the statistical method. It is easy to use. Every one started to use it without even bothering to check its correctness. Although Dunwalter challenged it, every one kept using it. It seems no body go through literatures thoroughly.

Working on this paper was a nice experience for other reasons too. I posted questions all over the Internet. Even I posted a SOS in our JU alumni yahoo groups. And the response was enormous. Even one Pittsburgh statistician advised me to have a teacher in statistics, as my basics are so poor. Yes, I know am badly in need of a teacher. Rather a mentor. Thanks to Tapan, he helped me a lot to understand the basics of the likelihood estimation. Dr. Rath from NII gave us the most important review of the article. And thanks to the referee who went thoroughly and made some beautiful corrections.

Phuuuu…we should celebrate now. Definitely with Bacardy.