Sunday, May 15, 2005

Leyla Zana

Majority of my educated friends are disinterested in politics. For them politics is a dirty business of personal grit, power and money. This is the opinion that is aired even by our media and well percolated in our young minds. However, this attitude only shows our total ignorance about our societies, its history and present developments. It is nothing but just the reflection of a life with our eyes closed and head dipped in the mud of our day-to-day living. We, who are fortunate enough to enjoy the best things of life, just forget the pain and humiliation that majority of the human race on earth are facing every day.

While surfing through the Internet, I tumbled upon some web pages on Kurd people and Leyla Zana. Leyla Zana, who transformed herself from a simple village girl into the voice of Kurdish struggle for independent identity. I know there must be lots of propaganda going there on her name. But one thing is true: it is not her hunger for power or money, but her desire to fight against oppression and humiliation that she and her family faced, dragged her in politics. Hundreds of men and women are fighting every day against such personal odds. They are fighting for their own identities, their culture, their nationality, and language. It is not just power politics; rather it’s the politics for survival as an independent human being. Do we care about it?