Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Am drifting!!!

Do I suffer from OCD? That’s a funny question. Isn’t it? If I ask this question to Srini, he will definitely come up with few more questions to make a proper diagnosis. And them he will refer me to some one in the psychiatry department here in AIIMS. I don’t want to go through this entire ordeal.

For your kind information, the last time I visited a clinic, for my self, was 3 years back. That too for my sever tooth ache. I managed some SR here in dental, and thought that they are going to fix my problem. So on a painful morning I went to meet him. After juggling through the mass hysteria at the dental OPD, I managed to enter the clinic and say hello to my friend. He just referred me to a cute girl. Supposedly, a JR. She took a good look in side my mouth and said “too poor oral hygiene”. That’s all. Afterwards I never visited any clinic.

Let’s come back to OCD. When ever I lock a room, I definitely check it back at least twice. When ever am working late at night, I check the lab taps thrice or four times. Are they closed? Can you say these are symptoms of OCD? Now days, I check my mail box at least ten times a day. I open my publisher’s sites to check the status of my papers. At least thrice a day. I know my hairs are getting thinner and gray. But that does not mean that I have to check them out every time I stand in front of a mirror. Ha!!! Am doing all this. No; these are no way symptoms of OCD. Neither I find it glamorous to have some sort of psychological problem, nor do I want to label my self as insane to prove my intellectuality. I just have lots of time. It is the time to think incoherently; time to sleep endlessly; time to sip the rum. I want to drift this way unless I find a new nest. Then it will be hectic. I know.